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Body Contouring and Weight Loss

The Spa At Stonecrest is a health and Wellness Medical Spa that focus on life style modifications to enhance clients lives. Our body contouring and weight – loss program applies the latest technology to address the current challenges in Obesity.
For serious weightloss of 50 pounds and more, we engage Opti Fast


The OPTIFAST Program

The OPTIFAST Program is a medically supervised weight management program that closely monitors and assesses progress towards better health and emotional well-being. The program, which usually lasts 26 weeks, utilizes a full meal replacement plan that transitions to self-prepared 'everyday' meals, in conjunction with comprehensive patient education and support. At The Spa At Stonecrest & Dekalb Family Medicine we offer programs with the following weeks base on Weight loss Goals agreed upon:
  • Four weeks
  • Twelve Weeks
  • Twenty Six Weeks
  • Six Weeks
  • Fifthteen Weeks
  • Fifty Two Weeks
  • Nine Weeks
  • Eight teen Weeks
Our basic weight loss plan is Nine weeks in duration. At this level, early renewal is awarded with financial incentives to continue.  

How the OPTIFAST Program Succeeds
Meal replacement diet
Narrowing your food choices helps you work towards weight loss and management by controlling the amount and types of food you eat.

Medical supervision
Utilizes the expertise of physicians to help you lose weight safely.

Lifestyle education
To help you achieve and sustain better health through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.

Individual and group counseling by experts who understand your challenges.

Ongoing personalized support
Included both during and after weight loss to help you achieve and maintain success.

IsaGenix 30 day weight loss program

Our other weight loss program has an emphasis on cleaning up from the inside out. Isagenix offers product solutions for weight loss, energy and performance, and healthy aging. This triple-faceted approach ensures that their top-of-the-line products are sure to please all, and can easily be tailored to fit any goal.

Energy boost
Consistent weight loss over time
Reduced cravings for unhealthy food
Improved muscle tone
Balanced digestion

Body Contouring with a Lipo Laser
Many people find them self inches away from fully achieving the ideal body image they desire. Often it seems no matter what efforts them make, the come up with good results, but not GREAT results. Now by combining the YOLO Laser with our weight-loss program, Clients are able to target and remove every area of disappointment without any physical discomfort, no surgery, and no delayed gratification.
Results so good, you have to see it to believe it. Come in for a consultation. Get started and join the hundreds of people that have been able to target problem areas of the body with accurate results.

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