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Leg Veins Removal

The revolutionary new Nd:YAG laser treatment can quickly and safely eliminate veins on your thighs, calves, and ankles. It is relatively painless and can be performed on an outpatient basis!

How Does Nd:YAG Treat Leg Veins?

Highly controlled flashes of light are selectively absorbed by hemoglobin found in red blood cells in the veins. The absorbed light heats the hemoglobin, causing the blood to clot. The vein then collapses and is slowly removed by the body's natural filtering systems. As the laser is not absorbed by the skin around the veins, there is no scarring or visible marks left by the laser!

Summary of Patient Benefits

  • Closure of vascular structures
  • Few side effects
  • Treatment customization
  • Speed and convenience
  • Fast return to daily activities

What are the different types of leg veins and how can they be treated?

These veins can either be small, thin capillaries (spider veins) or larger veins that we call reticular veins. The very largest veins are called varicose veins. There are many factors that contribute to the development of these unsightly veins including pregnancy, weight gain, prolonged standing, and genetic predisposition.

The best techniques used to treat spider and reticular veins are either laser or injection (sclerotherapy) vein removal. At the Spa At Stonecrest, a combination of treatment options are used to achieve the best results.

How many treatments are needed?

Many leg veins need multiple treatments, often over a few months before the effect is complete. Even small vessels often require time to resolve. Typically, you can expect three sessions or more to achieve the appearance you desire.

What is a treatment like? Is it painful?

A pulse of laser energy feels like a pinch similar to a snapped rubber band. Most patients describe a tingling sensation during the brief time the laser is actually firing. However, because we offer cooling gel and for the sensitive patient, topical anesthetic cream, you are quite comfortable during treatments.

Are these vein treatments permanent?

The removal of spider and reticular leg veins is not an exact science. Most patients achieve a significant reduction in the appearance of their veins and are very satisfied with the treatments. Of course, aging begins the moment the treatment ends. In addition, other factors such as standing and genetics continue. We recommend a single yearly treatment to "clean up" any new veins that appear.

What preparations must I make?

There are no changes in activities, before or after leg vein treatment. Prior to and following any leg vein treatment, you must limit your exposure to the sun. Treatment should not be performed on tanned skin. You are required to wear compression stocking for one week after treatment.

What kind of results should I expect?

Some immediate improvement is typically visible, with the leg veins, blotches and/or blemishes disappearing over two to three weeks. Complications, such as scarring, bleeding and pigment loss, are very rare. Most patients return to their regular routines quickly with virtually no after-care required. However, you may experience some redness around the treated area, similar in appearance to a mild sunburn. This usually goes away in a few days.

Are the leg vein treatments safe?

There are a few uncommon risks associated with both laser and injection leg vein therapy. These include pigment changes and blistering. However, our highly skilled doctor is specially trained in the use of the lasers and injection therapy: therefore, the occurrence of these events when doing leg vein treatments is rare. Additionally, your eyes will be shielded during all treatments.