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Spa Philosophy

In our world today, Life is an ever changing process of information over load where the day to day stresses of daily living tend to take their toll on the human psyche, mind, body and spirit. Stress having been implicated as the number one cause of premature aging, and all kinds of chronic human ailments, along with the number one cause of morbidity and mortality, above cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

At the Spa at Stonecrest, we believe that in order to attain optimal well being of an individual, the integrated and balanced health and upkeep of the Mind, Body and Spirit is of paramount importance, rather than emphasizing one particular aspect alone.

Nonetheless, we cannot disregard the fact that we all live in a very looks oriented world, and we by far, as Americans are in a very image conscious society.

The Spa at Stonecrest is about that movement toward -- the moment -- in time --- reached in every individuals life, ....of self realization, self actualization, self reflection, and self improvement where we want to take charge of our own lives, in breaking free of our less perfect self images, poor behavior patterns, bad habits and negative emotions in order to propel ourselves forward in a positive direction and therefore, in deciding to do something good for ourselves for a change!

Our highly trained professionals help you achieve these personal objectives and goals. We believe that one formula does not fit all. But by first identifying your individual needs, our teams of experts will help individualize a treatment plan to fit your specific needs. We help you make that transition to move forward in a more positive direction in which you look good and feel good at any age about yourself and your life in general. We work with you from the inside out and vice versa, knowing quite well that there is a very strong, interdependent and integrated connection between the human psyche and the body and soul. If you work on one and achieve successful results, the other automatically gets uplifted, rejuvenated, and improves in some way or another. The Spa at Stonecrest is not about fighting or resisting age but aging gracefully.

So add time as a wining component of your life and let us help you. So, much of whom we are and how we age and what we believe in ---- is up to us. We can see the passage of time as a foe....fearing and blaming it for the toll it has taken on our bodies and youthful appearance...or we can see it as a friend, and take advantage of our increasing experience and knowledge of and in life, by utilizing the technology offered in this day and age, to help us get better and stronger, by taking care of our bodies and treating them more gently and more kindly, in order to achieve maximum results in attaining optimal mental, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing.

At The Spa at Stonecrest, we combine state of the art Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine with non invasive surgical procedures, including, but not limited to medical and cosmetic laser surgery, cosmetic dermatology services and spa services while simultaneously consulting about a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, behavioral modification, health and fitness for individuals who seek it all.

All of our services are conducted under the direct supervision of our on site, full time; board certified physicians and their team of experts.

We believe that true healing comes not only from treating diseases, but in preventing them by intervening early. Every time you touch a human life, in such a way that you make a difference by improving one individuals quality of life , not only are you impacting multitudes of related generations, but you have started with that individual - giving them a better sense of self, wellbeing, inner and outer peace, confidence and happiness, ...... and as a result - the true impact is positively realized for generations - because we are all connected - This is where the true essence and meaning of healing lies!